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Welcome to the wonderful world of independently-developed (indie) games. These are games produced by individuals or small game development studios without financial assistance from a publisher. At this site, you can find:

Indie Game News


A new release of the <a href="">APOCALYX 3D Engine</a> is available for download, also in a all-in-one easy-to-get 60 Mb installer (including the runtime, the documentation, the demos and the sources).

The APOCALYX 3D Engine is a free game engine that a developer can completely program through LUA scripts. It is based on OpenGL, with GLSL support, and includes several open source libraries, that manage from AI functions, to physics and speech synthesis.

The engine capabilities are shown through a dozen demo packages containing other dozens of small demos and also a few simple games, from flight simulators, to first-person-shooters and shoot’em up side-scrollers. The new version has mainly improved the animation speed of the supported model formats.

Don’t miss the <a href="">APOCALYX Blog</a>, with daily news about the engine and its development.

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: tetractys (10) -- 01:02:44 on 06/08/2008

Click Copter

Click Copter, a new original side-scrolling 2d shooter, is complete and available for free online play! This fast paced shooter features over 20 unique bosses and levels, accurate and responsive controls, and a completely original soundtrack! It is available to download for free at...


Video Trailer

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: cradmazy (0) -- 21:13:58 on 03/30/2008

The Antique Chronicles

The Antique Chronicles is a Trilogy PC Adventure game in three downloadable episodes. Michelle the Herion, searches for her Archaeology Professor that has been kidnapped by people that want him to lead them to the lost King Solomans Gold mine. She uses not only her skills but magic along the trail. Visit to view the intro movie and see screen shots.

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: DistantStar Productions (0) -- 22:11:31 on 09/16/2007

New job board for indie game developers:

A new job board,, just opened up that caters to the independent game developer. The site allows you to post jobs or search through job categories including 3d, textures, programming, and level design. You can evaluate artists by previewing their work and reading feedback ratings from other users. You can also post and browse resumes.

Here are some of the features listed on the site:

* Completely Free<br> * Easy to use Web 2.0 interface<br> * Intuitive rating system<br> * Profile section that supports images and links<br> * Messages Area<br> * Resumes Section<br>

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: clone45 (10) -- 01:48:42 on 05/27/2007


Tricky Software presents Armado

Just in time for the New Year we are pleased to announce that our game Armado is finished and available for download. It’s a great game for all ages!


Assume the role of Armado the armadillo and embark upon a great adventure to free the Queen of the land. The Queen is a Great Eagle, the last of an ancient race. While on a journey to visit the Queen, Armado learned of a growing darkness from the South; armies of giant ants marching Northward. They moved slowly at first, but eventually overwhelmed and colonized the legendary eagle nests in the mountains. Soon, the Queen herself was captured, and imprisoned.

Just as Armado bowed his head and turned for home, he noticed an old fox. The fox was dressed in old tattered robes and told Armado that the Queen herself had foretold that he would meet a great hero at this very spot. Armado did not think for a moment that meant him. Then the fox handed him a satchel filled with magical eggs, and told Armado that one by one they must be placed into the ancient nests. Before Armado could speak the fox was gone in a puff of blue smoke. And so began Armado's quest to help free the Queen.

General Information: Visit for general Armado information.

Download Locations: Visit to start downloading now!

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 or later Power Mac G4 or better Intel compatible (Universal Binary)

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP 1.4 GHz or better OpenGL compliant video card

Pricing: Armado is free to try, and $19.95 to unlock the full version.

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 06:06:39 on 01/29/2007

Mr Robot Released

New downladable PC game release from Indie developers

Description: Asimov is a lowly service mechanoid aboard the interstellar colony ship Eidolon. Carrying hundreds of frozen human colonists to a new world. When the Eidolon's computer brain malfunctions, it falls to Asimov to undertake a perilous journey through the bowels of the massive ship to save his robot friends and the precious human cargo. Solve puzzles.Overcome obstacles. Hack hostile networks. Evade crazed robots. Save the mission.

Download from:

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 06:05:00 on 01/29/2007

Magic Pearls released on

Magic Pearls, a sokoban "clone", was released a couple of days ago on <a href=""></a>. This indie game was developed by Ward De Langhe, a European independent game developer.

Quote from the website:<br> <i>"Don’t be deceived by the apparent simplicity of this game of intense strategy. The lower levels may lull you into a false sense of security but, as you proceed, each new level introduces more challenges that pit your ability to reason against an increasingly more complex array of possibilities. Your mission is to push the Magic Pearls into their assigned slots in as few moves as possible. The pearls can only be pushed, never pulled, and those slots can seem to have a mind of their own sometimes!"</i>

A 15 level demo is available here: <a href=""></a>

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 10:39:19 on 10/01/2006

Wings 2 v1.0 Released

Wings 2 is a 2D multiplayer network game. Fly small and agile ships in varied maps, choosing from a wide variety of different weapons and devices to use against your opponents. The game offers several game modes with different styles of play, and supports internet, LAN and splitscreen games.

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 10:36:03 on 10/01/2006

Gamma Bros retro space shooter released.

Pixeljam Games has recently released the neo-retro arcade space shooter Gamma Bros, a large and beautiful space shooter akin to classic arcade games like galaga, gradius and robotron, but with a modern twist. Lots of enemies, powerups, bosses, a full soundtrack, amazing sound FX and a few surprises. Gamma Bros. is completely free for all to download and play, at

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 10:34:02 on 10/01/2006

Bullet Candy

Charlie's Games release Bullet Candy, a fast paced shooter with 50 levels, 4 play modes, loads of enemies, even more bullets, power-ups, huge explosions, and amazing graphical effects all combined with some seriously intense shooting action.

Find out more and download a free demo at:

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 10:33:27 on 10/01/2006

Buccaneer - The Pursuit of Infamy

Buccaneer is a single and multiplayer pirate ship battle game. It has been in development since last year and is rapidly approaching "Demo Day" in July 2006, when we will release a one level, free single player demo version.

The game mechanic is fairly unique, with players controlling a pirate ship using standard W, A, S, D key commands for movement and the mouse for camera control and cannon batteries. There are 10 huge multiplayer maps, where you can pick a ship and go head to head with other pirates, or join a pirate faction and steal treasure from under the nose of the opposition. There are also 3 single player campaigns, each incorporating many varied levels connected by a storyline. Each level has an objective or objectives that need fulfilling to progress to the next, while the player simultaneously attempts to amass an Infamy score that carries over from mission to mission. A player's Infamy score doubles as a timer and slowly ticks away, forcing them to complete levels as quickly (or ruthlessly) as possible - the final score for one level becomes the starting score for the next. So do one mission badly and you may not be able to complete the next before your Infamy is gone and your captain is simply forgotten!

Our website at has more information about gameplay and includes screenshots, and a teaser trailer (in the news section). There is also a tutorial outlining how the ships are controlled as well as more info on characters and the various ship classes found in the game.

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 10:27:05 on 10/01/2006

Four Elements V announced has announced the start of their annual Four Elements game design contest:

Submissions are due November 30.

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: Greg (14992) -- 20:21:37 on 06/04/2006

At, you can bid on game development contracts:

It appears they only collect a fee on successful bids, so this should be good for the small developers out there looking to break in and operating on a small budget.

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: Greg (14992) -- 07:27:42 on 03/07/2006

Geometry Wars clone for the PC

There's now a Geometry Wars 2 knock-off available for free on the PC:

Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: Greg (14992) -- 05:44:12 on 02/20/2006

BRICKGENIUS - the new game for Pocket PC is happy to present our new game for Pocket PC named "BrickGenius", where you need to build the mosaics by sliding bricks.

This game offers a REALLY innovative gameplay and we guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before!

How it works:

1) The game board is a mosaic of 15x15 cells. 2) Your aim is to cover all the black cells with a sliding bricks. 3) Sometimes, you will be awarded bonus bricks that possess special qualities: the Lock, the Ligthning, the Vortex, etc...

Demo version of "BrickGenius" is available to download:


Section: Indie Games -- Submitter: [Invalid User] -- 13:05:11 on 12/25/2005
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